7th Homeroom /6-7th ELA/ 6-7th SS Ms. Meola

Hello, and welcome to Miss. Meola's class page! Here you will find a brief synopsis of what we are covering in each class, along with the homework for each week! 


Following are some notes and reminders: 

Classwork/ Homework for the 
Week of January 20, 2020

Sixth Grade

In Language Arts,  We will be reading "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry" and starting our interactive reading notebooks. In writing we will be working on expository essays.  

Homework for each night:

Monday- No School

Tuesday - Vocab quiz on ROTHMC (30 words) on Friday, Jan 24th

WednesdayVocab quiz on ROTHMC (30 words) on Friday, Jan 24th.
                   - Complete character map for chapters 1-3

Thursday- Vocab quiz on ROTHMC (30 words) on Friday, Jan 24th


In Social Studies, we are talking about the Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, and Age of Exploration in our next unit. Students will be given homework throughout the weeks to reinforce the main topics and ideas discussed in class. 

Homework for each night:  

Monday- No School





Seventh Grade

In Language Arts, Students are expected to keep up with their group books. Each group should be working on their book review presentations and essays. In addition, students are asked to create a news paper article and cover. 

Homework for each night:

Monday - No school 

Tuesday- Vocab quiz Friday 

Wednesday- Vocab quiz Friday 

Thursday- Vocab quiz Friday 


In Social Studies, We are focusing on Westward expansion and the idea of Manifest Destiny in US history over the next few weeks. 

Homework for each night:






Material and homework are both subject to changes.