1st Grade: Ms. Votta

                       Ms. Votta's Fabulous Firsties

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      If you have any questions, please email me at cvotta@bishopmchugh.com.

Thank you,
Ms. Votta

- Wednesday, September 11 Opening of School Mass/ 9/11
- Before and aftercare starts Monday, September 9

                                    Monday: Tech Lab and Gym
                                        Tuesday: Art
                                        Wednesday: Spanish 
                                        Thursday: Music and Library

                                    Lunch: $3.75 ( No Lunch on Mondays)
                                    Snacks: .50 each

Monday: none
Tuesday: none
Wednesday: Worksheet
Thursday: Lesson 1

 Phonics and Handwriting: Dd/d/, Cc/k/, Gg/g/, Oo/o/, Ll/l/, Ss/s/, Tt/t/, Aa/a/, Ff/f/, Ww/w/, Nn/n/, Ii/i/, Hh/h/, Rr/r/, Bb/b/, Ee/e/, Mm/m/, Pp/p/, Vv/v/, Kk/k/, Uu/u/.

Phonics: Decode and encode short-vowel words.
Memory words: I, a, the
Comprehension: Review the Superkids Doc, Lily, Frits, Hot Rod, and Golly

Monday: Reading Log
Tuesday: Reading Log
Wednesday: Reading Log
Thursday: Reading Log

Writing: This week we are working on labeling our drawing.

Social Studies: How do we get along in school?

We are learning about plants this week.

Religion: We are learning about how Jesus is our friend.


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