Grade 1

Welcome back, First Grade! 

* Back to school night is this Tuesday, September 19th. 

* The homework can also be found stapled in your child's assignment book

* Please encourage your child to write their first and last night on all homework pages (we are still practicing!)

* There is no school on Friday, September 22nd. 

09/18/17 - 09/22/17

MATH: How do we add numbers?

LANGUAGE ARTS: Short 'a' vowel sound. -at and -an word families. Daily 5 with a focus on read to self and read to someone.

SOCIAL STUDIES: How do we get along in school?

SCIENCE: Plant and animal parts! 


I apologize for homework confusion! There will not be a practice book sent home, though these do come out of the practice book!! We will call them worksheets, instead! So sorry!  

MONDAY: Math pg. 27-28 & Worksheet pg. 2

TUESDAY: Math pg. 33-34 & Worksheet pg. 4

WEDNESDAY: Math pg. 41-42 & Worksheet pg. 2 (from different book)

Monday: GYM
Tuesday: ART
Thursday: MUSIC

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