Kindergarten: Ms. Ratchford

“Peek at the Week”
January 21, 2020

This week, we’ll be working on the letter R.  We’ll continue practice sounding out words and reading short sentences/stories. 

In Math, we will work on the teen numbers to 20.

In Religion, we’ll talk about using our hands for good.  We’ll connect our Religion lessons to Social Studies by discussing how we can be good friends.

Catholic Schools Week: January 26-31, 2020

Sun., Jan. 26 (Celebrating Our Parish) 
Students will attend Mass in uniform at our regional parishes.

Mon., Jan. 27 (Celebrating Our Community) 
The book fair opens and will continue through the week.

Tues., Jan. 28 (Celebrating Our Students) 
Students will dress down with a donation for Jersey Day for Joey and Khloe.

Wed., Jan. 29 (Celebrating Our Nation) 
We will have a presentation from the Belleplain VFW.

Thurs., Jan. 30 (Celebrating Vocations) 
Our CSW play is at 9:30 am and 7 pm. Coffee with grandparents/opportunities to visit classrooms start at around 10:15 am.

Fri., Jan. 31 (Celebrating Faculty, Staff & Volunteers) 
Closing Mass is at 10 am. We will follow an early dismissal schedule.


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