8th Grade Language Arts & Advanced Language Arts: Mrs. Laricks

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."
          -Ralph Waldo Emerson

         October 21-25, 2019
* Halloween Tailgate on Friday from 6:00-8:00pm
* Go Storm Cross Country and Soccer!

 We will continue our study of short stories and the elements of fiction.

8th LA (Period 2)
* "Flowers for Algernon" reading assignments TBA in class each day
* "Flowers for Algernon" packet due on Wednesday, 10/23
* "Flowers for Algernon" test on Wednesday, 10/23

8th ADVANCED LA (Period 4)
* "Flowers for Algernon" nightly reading TBA in class
* "Flowers for Algernon" packet due Wednesday, 10/23
* "Flowers for Algernon" test on Wednesday, 10/23

Mitch Albom Book Clubs
*ALL TYPED ACTV-R Work AND 1 Journal (on Google Classroom) due on Friday, November 1st.

*Reading assignments for the week are as follows:
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Tuesdays With Morrie
For One More Day
The Time Keeper

October Project of the Month
Multiple Intelligence Project of Choice
* Choose only ONE project from the sheet
* Refer to sheet for instructions
* Due on Monday, 11/04

* Week 2 Freckle Work due by Wednesday, 10/30
* Adaptive Word Study (must work for AT LEAST 10 minutes)         * Adaptive Skill-- Main Idea and Themes (must work for AT LEAST 10 min.)
        * Biography-- JK Rowling
        * Article-- Baseball

We will review units 7-9
* ALL exercises pages 118-120 due Wednesday, 10/23
* Complete ONE online quiz for EACH unit (7, 8 & 9) and email results todlaricks@bishopmchugh.com by 8am Friday, 10/25
*Vocabulary Units 7-9 CUMULATIVE TEST on Friday, 10/25
* Lessons 1-3 Spelling CUMULATIVE TEST (25 words) on Friday, 11/01

Exercises in English
 We will continue our study of pronouns.
* Object Pronoun Quiz on Monday, 10/21
* Workbook page 31 due Wednesday, 10/23
* Workbook page 32 due Thursday, 10/24
* Workbook page 33 due Friday, 10/25
* Workbook page 34 due Monday, 10/28
* Pronoun Test on Friday, 11/01

We will use the writing process to produce a narrative essay (phase autobiography).

* Phase Autobiography Rough Draft due on Tuesday, 10/22 on Google Classroom
* Weekly Journal #5 due on Thursday, 10/24 (IN YOUR WRITING JOURNAL-- Follow rubric)
*FINAL PRINTED OUT Phase Autobiography due Friday, 10/25-- NOT on Google Classroom