Pre-K 3



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                                     Pre-K3 Week Ahead                         
                                     September 18, 2017
                           Theme of the Week: Our Happy Classroom

Religion: We will listen to the story “Jamal and Abby”, practice our daily prayers and learn about how we learn in our Religion class. We will also learn about the Works of Mercy and the Sisters of Mercy since Thursday is Mercy Day.

Math: We will continue with position words, off, on, here, there, under, over, between and talk about solid shapes such as cube, cylinder and sphere.

Language Arts: We will continue with learning the AlphaFriends along with the Alphabet March and discuss the letter that begins our first name. We will read “The Little Red Hen” and other stories and songs about animals. We will also learn about Johnny Appleseed.

Our “Show and Share” is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We will begin this week. Please have your child bring in an item to share that begins with the first letter of their name and then we will point out the AlphaFriend that goes with their name.

Reminders: No School Friday September 22, we have a Teacher’s inservice. School Pictures Thursday Sept. 28.
Thank you for all you do for us and our school. Have a nice week!



As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.





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