Pre-K 2


Class will dismiss early at 11:15 for all PRE-K2 students
At the Front Entrance. 

What's Happening this week? We are learning our new friends names.
We are learning our way around the classroom. We are learning all our toys have a place where we can return them when we are done playing. We are counting and sorting crayons on the SMARTBOARD by color as we return them to our virtual crayon box.
We are reading several stories about what to expect at school. We are learning the Alphabet and how to take turns with our friends. Most importantly, we are learning that we are
loved and beautifully created by God.


According to experts "separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage. It helped keep our ancestors alive and helps children learn how to master their environment." [1] You may have noticed this in your child somewhere just before or after 10 months. At 2 years we can identify many opportunities to instill trust in our children. Saying "goodbye," teaching by example that separation is a normal part of the day combined with a two year olds natural desire to test their independence will help to move forward from this stage. One such opportunity presents when our part time students dismiss at the half day mark. Our first attempts at joyfully saying goodbye may result in some flamboyant and dramatic protests from our full time friends that each day become less in number until eventually everyone returns a joyful goodbye ‚Äčto our friends as they leave for the day. Would it be easier if they snuck out? Yes, but that would not serve our message that goodbye/farewell does not necessarily mean something bad. I see this same transition happening in our youngsters in the morning as drop offs are becoming a little softer at each child's own pace. Ask your child to sing one of our hello or goodbye songs to you.

I want to express my thanks to all of you for your kindness and support.
Thank you for taking the time to read our webpage.
Please reiterate and discuss all the items above with your little scientists.
Ask them to tell you about all we are learning and exploring and the ups and downs of their new ADVENTURE !!!

Please label EVERY little thing you send in to school.

Full day students may bring a small blanket or bed roll for nap/quiet time.
Small enough to carry comfortably in their back pack.

All students may bring a snack. Full day students should bring lunch.
All students must carry a drink in the side pocket of their backpack.




This weeks "send it in" items are:

A Family Photo for our classroom tree approx. 3"x 5"

A backpack that is super lightweight and easily carried by your student. It must be big enough to hold their take home folder (no bending or folding folders please) It must have a side pocket to hold a drink.


References: 1.

Please add Mrs. Maggie's email address to your contacts.