PreK 4


May 6-10, 2019

"M" is for Mothers Day! :)

I wish all of our PreK4 moms a day as beautiful as you are!
Thank you for all you do for your wonderful children. :)


*ACME and ShopRite gift cards available for purchase
in the front office with same day delivery via KidMail.
Buying these will help raise funds for FUN for our kids. :)

For every $100 gift card you purchase,
BMc will receive $5 from ACME or ShopRite!

*Please feel free to send in canned/dry goods at any time. We have collections throughout the year, and at every prayer service to benefit Holy Redeemer's Food Pantry. 

 *Have you re-registered, yet? 
If you haven't yet registered your child(ren) for the 2019-20 school year,
you can do it in less than 5 minutes at the link below. 
Please fill out the form, print and send in. Thank you!

Click here to re-register. :) 

Dates to Remember

 Fri., May 17  Half Day

  Mon., May 20   May Procession at 9:45 A.M.

  Fri., May 24 - Mon., May 27  School closed for Memorial Day

Fri., May 31 School closed (give back snow day:)

 Special Days 

Tuesday-Music with Mrs. Getka 
Spanish with Ms. Janiris  
Library with Sr. Thomas 
Tues. and Weds.-
ASL with Ms.Filippo 
Thurs. and Fri.-
Show & Share with Ms. Daria

Our Letter of the Week is M. When we begin to look and listen the letters and words seem to pop up everywhere! Please encourage the search. They love playing "I spy..." and you can play it anywhere! 

Our Math focus will be on Measurement.

Our Science focus will be Solid vs. Liquid.

Our Color focus this week is on reading color words
Our Spanish focus is counting from 1-10 en Espanol.

ASL song is The More We Get Together.                                                     

SHOW & SHARE:  Generally, this will take place on Thursdays & Fridays. Although, if your child is absent or super excited about sharing something extra-special, we will try to squeeze it in on another day. This week we are sharing something beginning with the letter M. ...

SHOW & SHARE is a great way to encourage early creative writing skills. By describing the item using clues and characteristics, ("It is something that is enormous, with huge ears, and lives in Africa, but we can visit at a zoo") students are using adjectives and descriptive words to tell about their treasure. Eventually, this story-telling will develop into story-writing. :)

*Prayer Partner Update.... I hope you liked the paper mache Easter eggs that they made with their Prayer Partners. :) They  all seemed to enjoy the craft, but more importantly, enjoyed spending time with each other. :) 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at