Summer Packets from 2017
Summer Packets

This past school year, your students have deepened their understanding of math and language arts. To keep these new skills and concepts fresh, our teachers have put together summer work packets for students entering PreK3 through 8th grade.

Please click on the links below to find the summer work for your class. Packets are available for pickup at school.

Entering PreK3
Entering PreK4
Entering Kindergarten 
Entering 1st Grade Reading and Math 
Entering 2nd Grade Reading and Math
Entering 3rd Grade Reading and Math
Entering 4th Grade Reading
Entering 4th Grade Math
Entering 5th Grade Reading 
Entering 5th Grade Math 
Entering 6th Grade Reading
Entering 6th Grade Math
Entering 7th Grade Math
Entering 8th Grade Math