Testimonials from Alumni

"Not only are the memories I have of Bishop McHugh some of the fondest from my childhood, but the education and guidance I received at Bishop McHugh have shaped me into who I am today."

"Attending (Bishop McHugh School has) reinforced what my parents have always taught me at home - kindness, faith and family values."

"Like Jesus laying down the foundation for his disciples to follow in his footsteps, Bishop McHugh laid down a solid foundation for me."

"To me, school isn't only about growing academically,but also learning morals. I am proud to call myself a graduate of Bishop McHugh."

"While at Holy Spirit (High School), I was able to excel in the classroom, while taking the hardest courses the school offered.  I believe this was possible because of the discipline, work ethic, and drive that Bishop McHugh instilled in me."

"I appreciate the financial sacrifices my parents made for me so that I was able to obtain a Catholic education." 

Testimonials from Parents

"Truly a GREAT school. The caliber of education at Bishop is unequaled in the area. It is an inspiring place to learn. Communication with parents includes weekly wrap newsletters (emailed each week) and teacher pages where the HW is posted. This is very helpful as my child struggles with organization skills. Sending our child to Bishop McHugh was the best decision of our lives."

"I have two sons who started at Bishop 2 years now not knowing how it'll go. We are a nondenominational Christian family who hold spirituality, family and education as our most precious blessing. Leaving public school where they didn't open many books and we're in gifted programs that didn't challenge them at all. Busy work. Now, they have so much to learn and are thriving in so many areas. The administration and all staff are top notch. Nothing gets shoved under any rug, and the teachers don't just do what their job outline is, they reach every child's best potential in a caring way. High respect for this school."

"Being new to Bishop McHugh School this year, we are impressed with the facility, curriculum, the administration and the staff. Everyone is so upbeat. My daughters self-esteem, self-awareness, and confidence are soaring. She has become more aware that she can learn and ask questions, It is wonderful to watch her as she grows and learns more."

"Great administration!! Great academics plus installing great morals and blossoming our children into caring, giving, young people. Our son and daughter are very happy to be part of the BishopMcHugh Family! It is more than just school to them. We love it here."

"Three years ago, my husband brought me kicking and screaming to Cape May County. I loved where we lived and I loved the school my children attended. After visiting two catholic schools, we decided on Bishop McHugh, even though we moved into an area where the public school is considered desirable. Now in our third year at Bishop, I could not be happier! Academically, socially and athletically my children are thriving. The teachers truly care about each child and the smaller class sizes enable them to be hands-on. The new administration has brought so many wonderful and innovative ideas that it is remarkable! I feel we are not part of a school but a family where the parents are committed and the teachers are dedicated. If you are considering a quality education within a loving and caring environment where ethics and morals are evident, then Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School is the place for you! It will be the best decision you have ever made. I thank God every day for our school and the education my children are receiving."

"Bishop McHugh was the best choice we could ever have made for our two sons who are in grades 8 & 5 and have been there since kindergarten! The principal & staff are the best I have seen anywhere. They provide a safe, nurturing, faith-filled environment while delivering a premier education that is aligned with the NJ core standards. In addition, they deliver top-notch technology implementation into lessons so that 21st century learners are produced. Sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, & cross-country as well as a variety of extra-curricular activities are available so that all children can get involved. Our sons have learned how to be outgoing, confident & compassionate young men who have been taught the tools to be successful anywhere!"