Gr. 6 HR/ Rel/Lang Arts, Gr 6-8 SS Mrs. Freeman

6th Grade Religion:

6th Grade Language Arts:



***Please make sure to send online quiz. I have been very lenient if students have said they sent it, but I didn't receive it. They MUST show proof of completion, preferably by sending it to me. Please take a picture of it as well, so that I may have proof just in case it does not come through via email.

-Vocabulary will be every other week, alternating with Spelling

-Students will use to take practice quizzes. The practice quiz must be sent to me by the Friday morning the test will be taken. Students may take the quiz more than one time to get the best grade they can before sending it to me.

            -Go to above website

            -Go to “grade level” and click “6th grade”

            -Click on appropriate unit

            -Next click on “Vocabulary Sentences”

            -Complete quiz for the current unit! 

            -Once you have taken the quiz to your satisfaction,  put your name in the box in the upper right corner. At the bottom is a space where you will insert my email address,
                           [email protected]
and send it to me. It will say HTML or text, please send it HTML. This counts as a grade, so it MUST be sent in or it will be a 0.

          **Use link below to practice**
                        Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop



6th Grade Social Studies:

7th Grade Social Studies:

8th Grade Social Studies:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Second Step
Wednesday: Gym
Thursday: Spanish
Friday: Art

                                 I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me - Philippians 4:13"  Poster by RockyPatch | Redbubble


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