General Music & Chorus

Welcome To Music Class !!

Mrs. Beth Walls

Musician's Prayer
May my life be like a finely tuned instrument
upon which the Master Musician
creates a melody
that brings His peace to all that may hear.

Spring Musical!!
Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's
Mary Poppins, JR
First Rehearsal on Monday, February 7, 2022 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Reminder: Please return Cast Registration Form and Actor's Script Book Fee
to Mrs. Walls by Feb. 7th.

Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School Choir
Next Rehearsal on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Music Theory: Skills and Concepts
Jan. 31 and Feb. 1

Pre-K 2-3 - Pitch and Movement Exploration
Pre-K 3-4 -
Pitch and Movement Exploration
Kindergarten - Melody
1st Grade - Melody
2nd Grade - Melody
3rd Grade - Melody
4th Grade - Music History
5th Grade - Ukuleles
6th Grade - Opera
7th Grade - Musical Ensembles
8th Grade - Musical Theatre - Puppet Show for Prayer Partners