4th HR/Religion/SS. 4-5th LA Mrs. Fitzherbert

Important Announcements: 
1. Social Studies Quiz Unit 3 Lesson 4-Wednesday 1/26/22.
2. Religion Quiz Chapter 11-Tuesday 1/25/22. 
3. Grammar Test-Adjectives on Friday 1/28/22.
4.Pretzel Wednesdays-$1 per pretzel. 

5. Pizza Fridays! $2 per slice due on Thursdays!

4th Grade Homework Week of Jan. 24-28,2022 :
**Do it Nice or Do it Twice!** Neat handwriting! 

Monday 1/24/22:

  1. Language Arts:  Reading Logs 15 mins each night and record.
  2. Grammar: Practice book page 58
  3. Spelling: Lesson 14   page 55-56
  4. Religion: Study for Quiz tomorrow!
  5. Social Studies: Textbook page 129 #1,3,4

Tuesday 1/25/2022

  1. Language Arts:  Reading Logs 15 mins each night and record.
  2. Grammar- Adjectives Workbook page 62
  3. Spelling- Lesson 14  page 57
  4. Religion-None
  5. Social Studies-Study for your quiz tomorrow-Unit 3 Lesson 4! 

Wednesday 1/26/22:

1. Religion: none. 

2. Language Arts: Reading Logs 15 mins each night and record. 

Grammar:   Adjectives that Compare Workbook page 63

3. Spelling: Lesson 14  page 58

4. Social Studies-none

Thursday 1/27/22:

Social Studies: none
Language Arts: Reading Logs 15 mins each night and record. Turn in logs tomorrow

Grammar-Study for your grammar test tomorrow!

Religion- Reflection question in your notebook  

Spelling:   Lesson 14 Quiz tomorrow!


5th Grade ELA Homework:

 Important Announcements from Mrs. Fitzherbert:
1. Grammar Test-Adjectives on Friday 1/28/22.


Reading: Reading Logs 15 minutes each night; book report! 
Spelling: Lesson 14  page 55-56
Vocabulary: Unit
Grammar: Practice Book page 41 


Reading:  Reading Logs 15 mins each night and record.

Spelling: Lesson 14 pages 57
Grammar- Adjectives Practice Book page 44



Reading:  Reading Log 15 mins and record. 
Spelling: Lesson 14  page 58
Grammar-Proper Adjectives Workbook page 43
Vocabulary: Unit   page  

Reading:  Reading Log due tomorrow!
Grammar: Study for Adjective Test Part 1 tomorrow!
Vocabulary: Unit  pages 
Spelling: Study  for Quiz Lesson 14!



Fourth Grade Class Schedule:
7:55-First bell; Opening Prayer.
8:05-8:50- Reading Workshop
8:50-9:35-Science with Mrs. Moore 
9:35-10:20-Math with Mrs. Moore
10:20-10:30-Snack/Hand Sanitizing
11:15-12:00 Writing Workshop
12:00-1:00 Lunch/Recess
1:40-2:20-Social Studies

Fourth Grade Specials Schedule:
1. Monday-Music with Mrs. Wells.
2. Tuesday-PE with Ms. Cornwall 
3. Wednesday-Library with Sr. Thomas Marie 
4. Thursday-Spanish with Mrs. Catanoso
5. Friday-Art with Mrs. Mitchell