Kindergarten: Ms. Ratchford

“Peek at the Week”
September 13, 2021

We have made a great start to kindergarten!
This week, we will have Spanish, Gym, and Art. 

Gym will be every Tuesday.  Remember to have your child wear
the gym uniform to school each Tuesday morning. 


We’ll begin our Language Arts curriculum by meeting Cass.  She is a Superkid who likes to cook.  Our first letter we’ll be working on is C.  Help your child like of things that begin with the hard c sound. 

In Math, we’ll work on practicing the positional words: over, under, above, below, beside, and next to.

In Religion, we’ll work on saying our daily prayers.  We’ll also learn how Jesus wants to welcome us and be a friend.

The friend theme from Religion will continue into Social Studies as we work to become good friends in our kindergarten classroom. 



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MONDAY - SPANISH  Spain graphics

TUESDAY -  GYM   3d smileys graphics3d smileys graphics
               MUSIC   Dancing and singing mini graphics

THURSDAY - ART 3d smileys graphics