8th Grade Language Arts & Advanced Language Arts: Mrs. Laricks

            "To be yourself in a world that is                       constantly trying to make you                           something else is the greatest                           accomplishment."
                                   --Ralph Waldo Emerson

       THURSDAY, June 4, 2020

* Assignments will be posted DAILY by 8am and will remain on my class page until 3pm
* ALL Assignments are due each day
* Attendance is based on assignment completion
* The MAJORITY of your lessons and assignments will be completed and collected on Google Classroom-- all links to other websites are posted within the assignment. You all have accounts and can sign-in (please email me if you have trouble).
* I will be available for questions, feedback, etc. via email or Google Classroom chat during my normal hours of 8:30am-12:00pm. However, I will be checking both until 3pm each day.
* My VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS are on Zoom on Fridays from 11am-12pm (same meeting ID and Password as always)
* Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, etc. We are ALL in this together and we WILL BE FINE!!!

Finally, even though I would much prefer to teach and learn with you in person, I am excited to "change things up" and learn some new "tricks." Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay happy and healthy and don't sit on Xbox all day-- pick up a book and READ!

 We will finish reading and analyzing Elie Wiesel's memoir Night. We will read, evaluate and discuss Holocaust literature. We will analyze characters and their situations to better understand the themes of the novel.

8th LA (Period 2)

*Return Night books this week

8th ADVANCED LA (Period 4)
* Return Night books this week
May Project of the Month
8th Grade Memory Book

Unit 3 of Vocabulary Workshop Level C

Exercises in English



* Letter to your Future Self (in self-addressed, sealed envelope)-- Leave in my bin when you return materials to school this week.

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