PreK4 Mrs. Gibson


Welcome to PreK4! 

 "We are Building the Best with a Kindness and Compassion"

June 10th PreK Graduation 10:00am
All are welcome! 


Our Big Day for PreK Theme is Nature All Around Us

Our Religion Focus.... 
God Created Our World

Our Story Focus.... 
What Will the Weather Be Like? Weather Counting the Garden

Our Letter Focus.... 
Identify, write and explore 
the letters "V, W, X, Y, Z". 

Our Writing Focus.... Name Changer ;)
Practice writing our names using upper case for only the first letters] and lower case for the rest.

Our Math Focus.... Number Order 

Identifying, ordering, and writing # 1-10; one on one correspondence up to 20, continue counting from 1-20, problem solving, shapes Rhombus (Diamond), Rectangle, Square, Oval.

Our Science/Social Studies Focus.... 
Rain sticks, Volcano, Weather, Wind, Seasons
 Theme is ANIMAL



If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me at bgibs
[email protected]
or 609 425-1144