Elementary/ Middle School Introduction

An excellent academic program inspires students to excel. That's why we've chosen the ACE curriculum developed by the University of Notre Dame. Not only does it teach students to think critically, abstractly and logically, it encourages intellectual creativity and the acquisition of knowledge. Our students consistently excel in high school and college, as a result of the strong academic foundation provided at Bishop McHugh. Following are some of the programs that distinguish our educational approach.

Research-Based Literacy
Our school uses research-based literacy frameworks, such as the Daily 5, for structuring literacy time. This allows students to select from authentic reading and writing choices, such as reading to self, work on writing, read to someone, listen to reading and word work. This approach takes literacy instruction to the next level, helping students build reading stamina, vocabulary, and a portfolio of writing.

Rigorous and Relevant Content Area Instruction
Excellent content instruction in all subjects from Language Arts and Mathematics to Science and Social Studies.  

Project-Based Learning
Project-based learning enables students to solve real world problems and challenges using multiple areas of the curriculum, from Science to Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math. Projects could start with an essential question posed to the students. For example, the 7th grade was asked, "Is Life Fair?" This started an exploration in mathematical probability that lasted several weeks, and resulted in a final project presentation before a panel of teachers. Another entry point for PBL is science, and another approach is to have students devise their own research question(s).  Building on the Science Fair concept, STREAM Fair projects in grades 6, 7 and 8 are another example of this approach.  

Google Classroom
Google has designed a paperless classroom where the teacher and students may interact safely and securely. The teacher may create and collect assignments, have a dialogue with individual students or the group, and deliver feedback. Google Classroom is used throughout middle school and in some of our elementary grades as well!

Catholic Identity
In all grades, and throughout the curriculum, the Board of Pastors, Administration and Faculty promote the development of Catholic values and moral standards so that our students go forth not only knowing their faith but living it as well.

Our Religion curriculum includes daily prayer, liturgies, adoration, prayer services, choir, rosary, devotions to Mary, Stations of the Cross, and service projects based on the works of Mercy. Religious education follows the curriculum guidelines outlined by the Office of Catholic Schools and the Diocese of Camden.

Specials and Extracurricular Highlights
Art, Music, Spanish/ World Languages, Library, Physical Education
Technology Lab, Science Lab
Team Mercy (Student Council)
Basketball, Baseball, Track, Soccer, Cross Country, Cheerleading
Performing Arts, Choir, Band Instrument Lessons
Yearbook, Chess Club, new exciting seasonal club opportunities