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Third Grade

Religion: Faith-based lessons that include a research project on a chosen Saint with an oral presentation during the All Saints' Day Mass.

Math: High concentration on multiplication and division facts in preparation for algebraic learning.

Language Arts: Emphasis on writing, grammar, reading, reading comprehension, and public speaking.

Social Studies and Science classes provide cross-curricular experiences with the above-mentioned subjects.


English Language Arts Grades 4 & 5 We take our writing to the next level with projects that include fiction (short stories and fantasy), non-fiction (essays, letters, and research papers), and poetry. We read a variety of genres that expand our students’ knowledge and understanding, which include: realistic, historical, scientific, and mystery, as well as plays and poetry.


Fourth Grade 

Social Studies: We explore specific areas of the United States including its economy, geography, government, and history. We also learn about our state’s history, geography, and land forms, and the state symbol, state flag, and birds. We delve into Native American history with practical research and projects.

Religion: We come to know God and deepen our relationship with Him, and we come to understand that following Jesus leads to happiness. We also study the special seasons and learn new prayers.

Math: We learn about place value, multiplication of whole numbers, 1D and 2D geometric figures, units of measure, fractions, mixed numbers, etc.

Science: We focus on weather, erosion, deposition and energy.


Fifth Grade 

Religion: We learn about the sacraments and keep a saint of the day journal. We also read and reflect upon Scripture.

Math: We work with place value, decimals, fractions and mixed numbers, basic geometry concepts, measurement conversions, and beginning algebraic expressions.

Science: We learn about the solar system, gravity, matter and energy, and movement among organisms and their environment. We also have a Mini-Science Fair to prepare the students for middle school.

Social Studies: We focus on Ancient History, beginning with the Neanderthals, and the ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Greece.