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As members of Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School, parents and students have chosen to adhere to the dress code as stated. At Bishop McHugh, our students are held to a high standard in regards to values and academics. Personal appearance and adherence to school policies are no exception to this high standard.

Quick Reference Guide

PreK students are required to wear their gym uniform.

Grades K-8 students are required to wear their summer/ spring uniform for September through October, and then again from April (after Easter break) through June; wear their winter uniform starting first week of November through Easter break; and wear their gym uniform on gym days. 

Two Options for School Uniforms
Flynn and O'Hara: 800-441-4122, Fax:  215-637-6392

Lands' End:  
Bishop McHugh Uniforms by Lands' End 
Lands' End School Rewards Program