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Middle School Math serves as the foundation for the higher level of Math in high school. Our daily work progresses from the basics through Algebra 1. Projects are based on real life practice skills through each grade level. An example is PI Day, when we involve elementary and middle school in learning-based activities.

Middle School Science begins with hands-on inquiries, lab investigations, and chapter concepts. Each year, the 6-8th grades work on an entire Science Fair project from the beginning to presenting to the school community. Yearly, we have students progressing to the South Jersey Science Fair and on to the Tri-State Science Fair.


Sixth Grade introduces our students to many new and exciting concepts throughout the year, all while having fun. 

Religion: We delve into the study of the rich and colorful Old Testament, the precursor to the New Testament, which provides the basis of our Catholic faith.

Language Arts: We expand our minds by reading fiction, non-fiction, children’s stories, and even fantasy, and Social Studies class introduces us to the exciting Medieval Period in history.

Science: We study Earth Science, including the earth’s surface, atmosphere, water, and space, and they are encouraged to participate in the Science Fair.


Seventh Grade Science: Life Science, which includes cells, heredity, human biology and ecology.

Eighth Grade Science: We study Chemistry and Physics: matter and energy, chemical interactions, and motion and force.


7th and 8th Grade English Language Arts: Curriculum includes the study of grammar, usage, spelling, written composition, public speaking, literature, and a challenging vocabulary program. These courses require students to prepare daily assignments, complete outside reading, and present speeches to inform and persuade. Highlights include hands-on projects that extend comprehension of literature.


7th and 8th Grade Religion: The focus is a two-year formation process to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation, engagement of young Catholics in service and study: Nativity, Living Stations, Confirmation, and emphasis on daily prayers, journaling, and living our faith in today's world.