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RaiseRight gift cards are available for hundreds of retailers. Shop for the holidays or pay for everyday expenses such as groceries, gas and restaurants using gift cards instead of cash or credit, and generate revenue for BMRCS and receive a tuition credit through your everyday spending.  


How RaiseRight works:


1) Go to or download the app.

2) Buy an eGift card from RaiseRight. Your eGift card will be delivered to your online "Wallet" instantly.

3) If the eGift card option isn't listed, a physical gift card will be sent to the school RaiseRight coordinator for you to pick up or it will be mailed directly to you. (Eg Shoprite is only available as a physical card.)

4) A percentage of the earnings will go directly back to the school. 

Several times (3-4) throughout the year, 50% of the earnings that you contributed to the school will be credited to your tuition bill.


Our RaiseRight Code: 8411A1512826